About Career Connect

Your Connection to Career Pathways with Unlimited Potential


Who We Are

Career Connect began as a sector strategies initiative launched in partnership with Workforce Readiness Taskforce stakeholders in 2017 to address workforce needs in rapidly growing industry sectors throughout the Treasure Coast.

By working closely with local training providers and area businesses, the Workforce Readiness Taskforce was able to define and streamline local, in-demand career pathways, which resulted in a clear sequence of coursework and/or credentials that you can follow with confidence. Whether you’re new to the workforce or a seasoned professional seeking advancement, Career Connect provides the necessary resources you need to succeed in your career.


Our Mission

Organize processes and leverage resources to support a focused, sector-based talent development pipeline to meet the needs of regional employers and job seekers.


Our Vision

Establish a talent development system that will enhance the Treasure Coast’s ability to attract, retain, and expand businesses by developing educational opportunities and career pathways for its residents to meet the needs of targeted industry sectors. This initiative aligns and supports CareerSource Florida’s goal to become a global leader for talent.

Strategic Objectives

Promote Career Pathways

Market career pathways to industries.


Promote Career Related Education

Increase early student exposure to career-related education.

Create Career Asset Maps

Develop an asset map featuring available training resources and services.

Organize Collaboratives

Strengthen education and training programs by forming connections among public partners and businesses to meet employer needs.


Address Skill Gaps

Address occupational skill gaps by facilitating the strategic recommendations resulting from the local skills gap analysis.

Developing a Talent Pipeline

For students, job seekers, and incumbent workers, career pathways offer a clear sequence of coursework and credentials, which align with an industry’s typical pathways for advancement and across similar occupations within a related industry. Career pathway systems engage businesses in the development of educational programs transforming the role of employers to a partner and co-invest in workforce development. 

Industry Sectors of Focus

Skilled Trades

Careers in construction are not only scalable but also in-demand. There’s no set path for everyone. You can start as a general laborer then transition to a skilled tradesman through certification and on-the-job training. With unlimited  entry points and plenty of room for growth, you’re bound to find a career path that’s right for you.


With a broad range of career paths, skill sets, and educational requirements, a career in healthcare offers unmatched emotional and financial rewards with plenty of room for growth.  Career fields include administration, diagnostics, pharmacy, dentistry, nursing, medical research, and more.

Workshop Students


Historically, a career in manufacturing has been hands-on, but the modern production line demands less physical labor and more critical thinking.  Digitization and advancements in robotics have led to an increased demand for higher-skill, higher-wage jobs,  which often require certifications and/or degrees for this higher level of performance.

Workforce Readiness Taskforce Partners